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Rugby championship has many international forms.Such as six nations,four nations,rugby seven,international tour & so on.Among them six European countries France,England,Wales,Scotland,Ireland & Italy participate annually each other.It is known as six nations championship competition.As an annual international rugby union challenge this tournament known as an elite rugby union game.The Royal Bank of England usually sponsor this game.First time six nations started as five nations.Known as home countries England,Ireland,Wales,Scotland first played rugby union international tournament.

Sometimes media mention six nations champions country as European Champions.It is also known as Northern Hemisphere Champions. Among the six nations Wales as well as England jointly hold maximum records. Both of them won 26 titles.From the year 2000,there are only two unsuccessful countries (Italy and Scotland)who could not achieve the title.

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Six nations played once in a year.Pattern is simple.Six participants play with each other one time.Each country will play different places.One year they will play their own country which is known as home country advantage.And next year they will play for another nation’s country.When a country wins it will get two points,if loss none & if draw one point.No bonus point like other rugby union tournament.To achieve ‘Grand Slam’(a prestigious title)a team must win from beginning to last.When a home country wins over other three countries they will be awarded as ‘Triple Crown’.From 2006 this prize start to give.When the tournament over and a country finish at the last position is called the winner of the Wooden Spoon.Interestingly for this no trophy will be given.If a team loss all five matches are called whitewashed.From 200 there are only two countries(England & Wales) avoided wooden spoon award.And Italy is the highest holder(nine) of the wooden spoon title.

The tournament has different names.Such as the Calcutta Cup,the Millennium Trophy,the Giuseppe Garibaldi Trophy.Calcutta Cup named due to use of melted Indian rupees.Garibaldi Trophy to celebrate 200th birth anniversary of Italian hero Giuseppe Garibaldi. Before 1994,two teams with equal points used to share the winner cup.After some years other rule point differences started.Then most tries and so on.Although the difference of points & points of matches still considering enough to find out the winner.                       
Six Nations Trophies
As a prestigious rugby union championship 6 nations have different type of trophies.They are:Championship Trophy,Trophy of Triple Crown,Cup of Calcutta  ,Quaich of Centenary ,Giuseppe Garibaldi Trophy and Millennium Trophy.Glimpse of Trophies1.Championship Trophy:The most desired trophies of six nations.Winner nation awarded with it.Westmorland’s Earl is considered the pioneer of this trophy.In 1993 France the first country who won it.The trophy is made by sterling silver.Eight silversmith  of London & designer James Brent-Ward made it. As the number of members is 15,so the trophy has 15 side panels to represent
them. Three handles symbolise three officials.One referee & two touch judges.Inside the cup five bottles of champagne(3.75 litres) can fill up.Base is made of mahogany.It has also a secret locked drawer.It symbolise six different finials.Every silver replica represents the team.2.Triple Crown Trophy:England,Wales,Ireland,Scotland this four potential nations usually receive this cup.And when a rugby nation able to win over other three nations on Six Nations Rugby Championship they also receive this award.Though this
award declared many years ago but in reality Only from 2006 it is start to giving physically.Right now Wales carrying this honor.In 2012 they defeat England,Scotland as well as Ireland & achieve the victory of triple crown.From the very beginning Wales hold this two times & Ireland in three times.

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